Savings Clubs

Want to help your employees reach their savings goals? Join the club!

We have a plan for empowering your employees. They can choose to put money away for a specific occasion and you can help by deducting regular amounts from their paychecks and depositing the money into their Christmas or Vacation club accounts. 



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Investing in happy employees is smart business sense but don't take our word for it.

Christmas Club

"I have great kids. They appreciate what they have but I've always wanted to give them more, especially at Christmas. Last year my boss offered to set up Christmas accounts for everyone in the office. He put the first $20 in to set up the account. It was the best $20 anyone has ever given me.

Each pay period a portion of my check went into the fund. It was a small percentage so I never even missed it but the pay out made all the difference for my shopping budget. In October I got my Christmas Club check and I can still see the joy on my daughter's face when she opened her gifts. Being able to provide for my family was the best gift I could ever receive. I did the work myself but knowing I had support at the office and that my boss was invested in my family's happiness meant a lot." *

Savings Club Account details:

  • Open an account for as little as $20
  • No minimum deposit amounts 
  • No set deposit schedule required
  • Save as much as you want, when you want
  • Interest is compounded daily
  • There is a penalty for early withdrawal

Vacation Club

"My secretary,Cathy, had always wanted to go to Italy. She'd talked about it for years but she was always taking care of others. She helped her brother out when his car broke down, used her bonus check for her daughter's moving expenses and once even split a vet bill for her elderly neighbor's cat. Whenever she had extra funds she first thought of who she could help.

Well, I decided it was beyond time someone helped her. When we first offered club accounts at the office I opened one for her to go away and encouraged her not to use it for anything else. She promised me and I marked time on the calendar for her to actually take her trip.

She and her husband had an amazing time along the amalfi coast. She returned with a tan, hundreds of pictures and a deep sense of gratitude. When she thanked me she had tears in her eyes and told me without the club and my support she never would have had her dream vacation. We now have an office full of world travelers but starting up the vacation club would have been worth it if only for Cathy's vacation."*

 *Testimonial quotes are advertisements.

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